Why Study Marketing?

Many students enter college not knowing what they want to study, nonetheless, what they want to do for the rest of their lives. I was different.


In high school, Seymour High School that is, I decided to take a marketing class my sophomore year. I never thought that it would change my outlook on careers.


After that year, I interviewed to become the promotional manager for the school store, The ThunderZone. I created promotions in display cases, newspapers, flyers, and promotions at sporting events. Since I was a junior that year, I decided to apply again for a marketing manager position. This time, I applied for general manager. This position was more of a responsibility and it was my job to look over all of the other managers as well as the marketing students that worked in the school store. 


For my senior year, I received the position as general manager. I enjoyed every aspect of the process that The ThunderZone went through: the designs of apparel, ordering, displaying, and selling the products. I knew that this is what I wanted to study further and get a career in. 


And now here I am, studying marketing in hopes of finding my future career in that field.


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